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Note All Products Are Proudly Made In The USA.
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Thumbnail image Authentic U.S. 66 Roadsign - Measuring 16" x 16" and made of heavy duty 18 gauge steel, this sign's coated surface and embossed raised letters evoke the metal signs of yesteryear, weighing in at just under three lbs. It's a MUST-HAVE for the true Route 66 fan and the mother of all signs on the Mother Road. $49.99 + shipping & handling.
Thumbnail image Authentic "Historic 66" Roadsign - Since the decommissioning of America's Main Street, this is the sign that now adorns our road. Measuring 12" x 18" and constructed of the newer, lighter, road grade aluminum that is typical of signage all across America, this sign is the same quality that's used by the Federal Highway System and Departments of Transportation across the country. $42 + shipping & handling.

End of the Trail  By Dan Rice- (All website copies are signed by the author.)

End of the Trail is an autobiographical account of Route 66 enthusiast Dan Rice's recovery and triumph over Traumatic Brain Injury. The book is told from the vantage point of Route 66, intertwining Rice's car accident and journey to recovery with his lifelong passion for America and the historic Mother Road that are both in their own struggles for survival.  End of the Trail was written to bring needed information, warning signs, and insight to victims and their families, but is also about providing hope for the road ahead and showing that the trail's end is well worth the journey. $24.95 + shipping & handling.
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EZ 66 Guide for Travelers (2nd Edition) - This is the book that many refer to as "the bible of Route 66." Written and illustrated by famed Route 66 artist and fellow roadie Jerry McClanahan, this book has detailed maps of each stretch of Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. with turn-by-turn directions on each. Heading eastbound? The EZ Guide will help you. Driving west? The EZ Guide has every turn you'll need to make. With only 85% of Route 66 remaining and road signs being scarce in many areas, this is simply the best guide to help you find and keep you on the Mother Road. Additional write-ups about numerous Route 66 attractions and icons in every community will make this the book you need most while traveling Route 66. Don't leave home without it! $24.99 + shipping & handling.

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"Here It Is!" Maps - Feeling lost? This series of 8 individual maps for each state on Route 66 will help you find your way. Designed by artists, writers, and Route 66 enthusiasts Jerry McClanahan and Jim Ross, this series of Mother Road maps will not only lead the way, it's old "treasure map" style will entertain you as you go. With stories of each state on the road, these maps are also a keepsake that are often mounted and framed after opening. Perfect for dressing up any game room, den, bar, or garage. $16 + shipping & handling.

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Historic Route 66 Road Map - This single map is easy to follow and shows the entire length of Route 66 highlighted in red from Chicago to Los Angeles. With points of interest along the way, this map is a handy helper for any trip on Route 66. $5.95 + shipping & handling.
Thumbnail image Route 66 Dining and Lodging Guide - This companion book to the EZ 66 Guide details several of the best options for eating and bedding down along the road. Straight forward and simple, this book comes from the National Historic Route 66 Federation. $18.95 + shipping & handling.
Thumbnail image Santa Monica Pier: A Century on the Last Great Pier - If you've made it to the end of the road or are simply curious about what's here once you arrive, author Jim Harris's book is the definitive book at the end of the trail. With history that dates back to before the Santa Monica Pier was even built, you'll learn all about the jewel that inspired so many to head west. With an accounting of the history of one of the world's most recognizable landmarks, this book details much more than the pier's story...Did you know that the character of Popeye was based on one of the fishermen that frequented the pier? Or that a sea monster was once rumored to swim the Santa Monica Bay? These and many more fun tidbits make for great reading about the tinseltown ending of our road's final destination in Santa Monica, California. The pier is the place where dreams have been made for over a hundred years. $19.99 + shipping & handling.

Thumbnail image Historic Route 66 "End" Shotglass - Ready to celebrate? Whether you're just starting, ending, or just remembering the fun of your trip, there is no other shotglass more perfect for the occasion. Made on the Mother Road just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. $7.99



Thumbnail image Route 66 T-shirts - These are the shirts that started it all. When we couldn't find a good quality US Made t-shirt anymore on Route 66, we started our company from scratch and devoted it to America's most beloved roadway. All our shirts are Made-in-the- USA at the end of Route 66 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Assembled from the softest Georgia cottons in and pre-washed. If you're tired of "touristy" foreign shirts, coarse cottons, and rubbery artwork, and want something with some actual fashion, our shirts are for you. All short sleeve shirts are manufactured in the more fashionable European cuts and are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Short sleeves are $24.99, and long sleeves are $32.99. Add shipping & handling.
Thumbnail image Brown "Historic 66" Shirt - This is our signature shirt, styled on an actual Historic Route 66 sign. When I conceived of our first shirt, I had an image in mind...With an "old glory" feel, it had to be a shirt that would represent a road that had weathered some tough history and survived while looking amazing.  We drove to the desert, found a faded brown "Historic" sign and started matching fabric samples until we came up with the exact same color. With a weathered shield emblazoned upon it, I think we've created the perfect Route 66 shirt. Styled in a fashionable European cut, but worn with American pride! (Also available in white, #10B).


White sizes S-XL sold out

Thumbnail image Dark Chocolate "Route 66 USA" Long Sleeve Shirt - This shirt captures the spirit of the road and the entire country. Need something casual but classy? This is the one for you!

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"End of the Road" Shirt - When we needed to create an "End of the Road" shirt, we also knew we wanted something that represented Route 66 AND Santa Monica. We started looking for signs we could put on our shirt, but all the signage had disappeared. After pouring over numerous photographs, we found the 1935 "End of the Trail" sign. It was perfect, so we bought the rights, put it on the front of our shirt, and started selling so many of them, the city resurrected the old sign, even after it had been missing for nearly 50 years! This also led to the 2009 naming of the Santa Monica Pier as the newly designated Western Terminus of Route 66. More than 60 million people witnessed this event through TV, Radio, Newspaper, or social media on the 83rd birthday of Route 66. And to think it all began with the first ever shirt to commemorate the end of Route 66!

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